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Exploration Process

This company, after initial studies, with regard to the mentioned goals according, this company operated the methodological exploration activities in pointed

Area and then succeed to get invention certificate after preparing the complete report of exploration operating.

 The achieved exploration process which includes initial survey geographic investigation , laboratory tests and pilot (Technology Test) in laboratories and also reputed workshops such as Iranian mines and mining industries development and renovation organization , foreign reputed laboratories )

Generally , exploration area divided in two different parts and included two separated anomaly. Initial investigations of this area show that these parts have different kinds of iron ore which first part included magnetite iron ore(Alborz) and the second parts(Zagros) included Hematite iron ore.

The quality of both parts for Magnetite and Hematite are medium which has been investigated to be increased by QC and processing unit.


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About Us

Arzesh International Investment Developing Holding, with the aim of investment in thefield of industry is currently consists of 3 subsets in various sectors of industry:

- Maad Kansar: The company operating in the field of exploration, exploitation and processing of iron ore located in Fars Province

- Maad Chemie: Iron ore concentration plan located in Persian Gulf Mining and Metal Industrial Special Economic Zone Bandar Abbas, iran

- Maad Koush: Iron ore pelletizing plant which is under construction Persian Gulf Mining and Metal Industrial Special Economic Zone Bandar Abbas, iran