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Extraction process

Extraction process included stope development of working face concerning all separating tails from minerals,  creating safety and appropriate level steps in each workshop to construct drilling grid which this affair performs by excavators and loaders. After stope developing, design of drilling grids and then drilling by drilling machines will be done which included drill holes with define rows and depth.

After drilling and based on the estimation of explosive materials, holes will fill by base charge and catalysts which contains ANFO, booster, blasting cap, detonating fuse.

In next step the product of explosion will be carried by trucks to scale unit to be weighted for making depots.

Supervisory mine team have program for management of Transportation to transfer the minerals and also arranging the time for loading , transposition of several work faces for the mentioned activities.


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About Us

Arzesh International Investment Developing Holding, with the aim of investment in thefield of industry is currently consists of 3 subsets in various sectors of industry:

- Maad Kansar: The company operating in the field of exploration, exploitation and processing of iron ore located in Fars Province

- Maad Chemie: Iron ore concentration plan located in Persian Gulf Mining and Metal Industrial Special Economic Zone Bandar Abbas, iran

- Maad Koush: Iron ore pelletizing plant which is under construction Persian Gulf Mining and Metal Industrial Special Economic Zone Bandar Abbas, iran