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Goals and Approaches

The main Maad Koush Policy is contributing to sustainable development achievement in the steel industry of Iran and increasing value-added by using local and national resources. In this way, gain the advantages of  the reasonable energy sources, natural and socio economic potential is considered as the main approach of this complex in order to  accomplish the main objectives as follows:

-    Improvement of export capacity

-    use of national and international opportunities

-    Development of the under-developed areas in Iran

-    Increasing direct and indirect job vacancies

-    Completing of infrastructures of steel industry development




Reasons to Choose Persian Gulf mining and metal industrial special economic Zone?

Select this area by Maddkoush Company due to certain situation this area is as follow

  • Availability of appropriate infrastructure for steel industry

 Spite of promises, the infrastructure of the zone is currently poor. Such as: Gas supply through Pipelines SOLH or ASALOOYE, Power supply via high-pressure …So far this promises have not been fulfilled).

  • Exemption from taxation
  • Exemption from VAT (value added tax)within this zone.
  • Customs exemption
  • Access to ports for importing raw material and exporting the product
  • The( presence/attending) ofpotential customers in the zone
  • Close tothenational railway


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About Us

Arzesh International Investment Developing Holding, with the aim of investment in thefield of industry is currently consists of 3 subsets in various sectors of industry:

- Maad Kansar: The company operating in the field of exploration, exploitation and processing of iron ore located in Fars Province

- Maad Chemie: Iron ore concentration plan located in Persian Gulf Mining and Metal Industrial Special Economic Zone Bandar Abbas, iran

- Maad Koush: Iron ore pelletizing plant which is under construction Persian Gulf Mining and Metal Industrial Special Economic Zone Bandar Abbas, iran