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 The great family of  Arzesh Holding 

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01. Mining and Mineral Industry

Exploration, extraction and beneficiation of different types of minerals

02- Steel Industry

Implementation and Operation of large steel projects

03. Innovative Businesses

Investment in innovative digital businesses and startups


  • Be listed on top 30 Companies in IME
  • Be listed on top 20 companies in IMI-100
  • Become the largest private conglomerate in IME by 2031
  • Be listed on one of the international stock exchanges by 2025

  Entrepreneurship keeps the wheels of economy turning



 Arzesh Holding Honors


Arzesh Investment Developing Holding

During its activity,has managed to win numerous honors and certificates, some of which are given below.

  • An exemplary and value-creating industrial and economic unit
  • Certificate of appreciation for reducing environmental pollution


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  • Investing in Industrial Projects
  • Engineering and implementation of Mining and Constructional Projects
  • Performing Bids and Tenders
  • Consulting, Implementation and Supporting Industrial Projects
  • Investing in innovative business
  • Creating Job opportunities