Maad Kansar Arzesh Copmany

New researches indicate that due to the progressive growth of electronic industries and in the meantime, incremental need to take environmental precautions, especially reduction of greenhouse Gases resulting from Fossil Fuels, use of some elements and metals in various industries would considerably increase in near future.

Forecasts indicate that rare-earth elements and metals such as Lithium, Cobalt, Nickel are in high demand and Mining trend worldwide would grow.

Considering the forecasted increase rate of electronic Cars development from current 2 million to 125 million cars by 2035 and relevant demand on mentioned metals, AIDCO projects, through Maad Kansar Arzesh Company to focus on Exploration, Extraction and Processing of such metal elements and become a pioneer in this strategic sector, make a more widespread variety in its Mining industry business and to become a reliable supplier of electronic industries and Car industry of such raw materials to Car industry.