Maad Chemie Company

This Company was established in line with Group’s strategies and policies. Its primary project was defined to construct a Sponge Iron and Briquette Manufacturing Plant to produce DRI and HBI with a capacity of 3.4 million MT per year in two phases consisting two Mega Module units (each 1.7 million MT)  and using Midrex technology. The land allotted to this project is 20 Hectares located in Persian Gulf Special Economic Zone in Bandar Abbas, Hormozgan. All necessary permits and approvals have been obtained from the relevant government authorities i.e. Regional Industry, Mine and Trade Organization.

Engineering studies and initial phase’s construction started in 2020, Physical progress has reached to 15% in September 2021 and completion of the project is expected by end 2023.

The raw material for Maad Chemie Plant would be supplied by Maad Koush Palletizing company, both are in the same group i.e AIDCO

Maad Chemie’s Potential Role in Iran’s Steel Production line and Region (GCC)

  • Based on the “Master Steel Production Plan”, Sponge Iron Ore production shall reach 52 million MT per year. Considering the planned capacity for this project (3.4 million MT per year) Maad Chemie will have 6.5% share out of the Master Plan by end of 2025.
  • For time being Maad Chemie and Persian Gulf Saba Steel Company will be the only manufacturers of Hot Briquette among Persian Gulf countries.