Maad Koush Company

One of the remarkable activities by AIDCO. is construction and operation of 5 Million MT capacity Pelletizing Plant in two phases using rotary kiln technology (Alice Chalmers). The initial phase became operational in April 2020 (2.5 Million MT), and the second phase’s physical progress has reached to 30%.

Average direct manpower resource involved in the first phase has reached 620 and is estimated to be around 350 manpower in the second phase.


  • Maad Koush Pelletizing Plant, an export-oriented entity, is located in Persian Gulf special Economic Mining and Metal Industrial Zone and is well equipped with industrial infrastructure.
  • Easy access to railway, open waters and ports at board enabling fast and accelerated export/import of products and raw materials.
  • Achieving of 6% of local annual pelletizing production capacity and 20% of the regional capacity by 2024.
  • Having the latest technologies in place enabling to feed variety of concentrate (Hematite and Magnetite) with wide range of grain sizes and different proportions in combination.
  • Production technology (to reach desirable grain size, we use mills, thickeners and filter press equipment in the line)
  • Strategic geographical location adjacent to producers of raw material items or pallets (i.e. Hormozgan Steel Co, Kaveh jonoob kish Co.and Persian Gulf Saba foolad Co.).