Meyar Sanat Pars Investment Co. (Public Joint Stock)

Meya Sanat Pars investment Co. is one of AIDCO’s subsidiaries which is a Public Joint Stock entity listed in “Iranian Stock Market”. Its core business/area of activity is investment and financing in industrial Projects

Background (History)

Meya Sanat Pars investment Co. (Public Joint Stock) was established in line with “Country’s Fifth development Plan” focusing on stock market’s Qualitative Development. It was registered in “Tehran’s Registration Authority” on May 24th 2006 with registration No. 271598.

Subsequently, it was registered as a financial entity (Reg. No. 10774) in Tehran’s Stock Market dated 5th April 2010.

Its Main Shareholder was changed in the second half of 2021 and AIDCO, now holding more than 50% of the shares, was introduced as the main shareholder. Considering the wide range of AIDCO activities in mining and industrial sector, Industrial Projects, financing & investment responsibility is delegated to Meyar Sanat Pars Co.