Novin Arzesh Company

This company is considered as the group’s specialized entity in digital / start-up field. Novin Arzesh started its activities since 2019. It has been engaged in various project fields such as health, transport and Fintech.

Using expert teams in IT, finance activities and considering its international experiences in business development, it has provided a considerable opportunity for start-up teams to meet their objectives faster and more motivated.

Its current most significant projects are as follows:

  • FootHub: This is a media / entertainment platform whose activities started from April 2020. This application has variety of services such as Match Results Forecast, Fantasy Football, Live Match Shows, Match Summaries and a complete database / archive together with statistics for users. It is available to all Android and IOS users and variety of news / upcoming events related to football would be available on the application. This application has emerged its growth rate after joining Novin Arzesh group and attracting required investments fund, its users has now reached in excess of 50K.
  • IBar: It is a Land Transportation Platform implemented to accelerate and ease the communication between driver and the owners for necessary services. Considering the high volume of the daily consignments among group, this platform was defined to satisfy the requirements of the owner and reduce the costs of transportation for drivers with core characteristics as follows:
  • Obtaining all necessary permits for drivers and the end users from relevant authorities.
  • To increase the welfare for drivers in this system, it is planning for some financial facilities and maintenance services for near future.
  • Ensuring the drivers a continued availability of cargo.
  • Plus Maad: This System is active in Health digital services field which will provide online services for medical and treatment affairs to users. This application connects users to the health system (Doctors, Clinics, etc.) and in addition to resolution of possible problems, will provide proper platform to record heath related data. It will provide access to more than 4000 Doctors and 2000 Clinics, Hospitals, etc. New health related articles and knowledge will be accessible in Maad Plus Magazine.
  • New Bank: this application will provide banking and exchange services through mobile application through an electronic wallet system. It is under design phase and would be available shortly.