Group status regarding pellet production in Iran

As per the “Steel Production comprehensive Plan” dated 2019 in terms of the amount of pellet production, capacity of pelletizing plants in Iran was equal to 66.75 million tons and production amount by then was equal to 46 million tons; which means 67% of the planned nominal capacity was achieved.

Same plan further elaborates that local Pellet demand by 2025 shall reach 75 million tons per year. Pellet production in the GCC region is 20 million tons per year (Oman 9 million and Bahrain Steel 11 million tons).  If Maad koush will achieve its target plan (production capacity) of 5 million tons per year within its two-phase plan), that would be equivalent to 6.6% of local annual pellet  production share and 20% share among the countries in the Persian Gulf region

Ref.: Steel Production Comprehensive Master Plan – March 2019 (Y-NST0-G-19-00-FI-GE-005)