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Arzesh International Investment Developing Holding

Mining Dept.

Designing, equipping and operating mines and mining industries

Steel Industry

Constructing and operating major projects in the steel industry supply chain

Financial Services

Offering new investment opportunities

Financial Dept.

Meyar Sanat Pars,Rasa Hami Amin
Meyar Mineral,Pars Gostar Neyzar

Logistics Dept.

Pars Karen Kar,Persian Gulf Maad Tarabar
Ebtekar Ehsan (ibar)

Industrial Dept.

Maad Koush,Maad Chemie
Maad Ferro Alloy,PGIDSCO

Technology Dept.

Novin Arzesh Technology
Infrastructure Development

Mining Dept.

Maad Kansar,Lithiran
Zar Mes Kavan Maad Co.,Maad Sam Kani

Charity Dept.

Arzesh Charity

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Our Values

By employing effective business strategies and maintaining a network of well-structured subsidiary companies, at Arzesh Group we actively pursue opportunities to enhance value for stakeholders and achieve sustainable growth.





About Us

Arzesh International Investment Developing Holding

established in 2005, has dedicated nearly twelve years to the fields of Mining, Metal, and the Steel Industry. As a privately-held enterprise, we are actively engaged in executing and supervising projects within the steel industry and the financial sector, where our unwavering dedication is focused on broadening our global market presence.


Arzesh family members


Independent Contractors


Indirect employees



Our Visions

  • To be among the top 30 companies listed on the IME
  • To earn a spot on the top 20 companies on IMI-100 list
  • To become the largest private conglomerate on IME by 2031
  • To secure a listing on an international stock exchange by 2031

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Company Address
Unit1, No247, Mirdamad St, Tehran- IRAN



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